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A Strange Little Place: The Man Who Wasn't There

31 Oct 2015  ·  by Brennan Storr  ·  Be the first to comment!

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To celebrate the Halloween season, I thought I'd share with everyone a brand-new selection from my upcoming book, "A Strange Little Place:  The Hauntings and Unexplained Events of One Small Town."  The book is due for release on August 8, 2016 from Llewellyn Worldwide and should be available for Amazon pre-order in January.  If you have any unusual stories from the Revelstoke area, please feel free to contact me at astrangelittleplace(at)gmail(dot)com.


Many thanks to Carol Thompson for the hours-long interview she gave which produced this and other stories. She held nothing back and I learned a lot from our conversations, including how the topic of the supernatural has a way of emptying nearby tables.

The Man Who Wasn’t There

Though she no longer recalls the exact date, Carol Thompson remembers it was sometime in the late 1970s when she first became aware of an unexpected presence in the home she shared with her husband Ken and their three children.

One night, her children in bed and Ken – an engineer with the Canadian Pacific Railway – away at work, Carol had settled into her easy chair with a book and soon fallen asleep.

“It was quite late in the night...I’d say maybe two in the morning,” she remembers. “I had kicked back in my chair with a little light on to read by and I fell asleep. I woke up because something walked by me and left a breeze.”

At first, Carol assumed the movement was Ken returning home from work.

“I sat up and noticed the door from the entry, which had been closed, was open so I thought maybe my husband had come home.”

Rising from her chair, Carol slowly walked toward the kitchen, where Ken would usually be found after a long shift.

“I looked into the kitchen but everything was still dark,” recalls Thompson. “So I called his name.”

There was no reply.

Wondering if she had perhaps missed him in the kitchen, or if, after entering the living room, he had turned around and gone upstairs to bed, Thompson went to the window to check for her husband’s car parked outside. His parking spot was empty. Carol wrote the experience off to her imagination.

“I thought, ‘Oh..., that’s weird’ and sat back down in my chair to read.”

Thompson soon fell back asleep but not for long. Around thirty minute later she woke again.

“The same thing happened...,” she remembers. “Like somebody walked by me but this time actually brushed a hand along my arm.”

Again Carol rose from her chair and again she discovered she was alone on the main floor of her house. This time, she double-checked all the locks and went upstairs to wait for Ken.

The Sleeping Man

After that night the presence in the Thompson’s home would make itself known intermittently but never in any memorable way, at least not until the appearance of the sleeping man.

“One day, I heard something on the front porch,” remembers Carol. “It was just a screened-in porch, there were no locks or anything…but still, I wasn’t expecting to see a man curled up sleeping out there. He was curled up in the corner, half-sitting up against the wall.”

Believing the man, who she remembers being dressed in khaki-coloured trousers and a Mackinaw jacket, to be a vagrant, she decided to leave his removal to Ken.

“This fellow didn’t seem to be any threat to me but I wasn’t gonna go out there and check it out,” she said. “By that time, my husband wasn’t working all night anymore – he’d by home by 11 – so I left it.”

Carol kept checking on the man, who never once moved from his spot on the floor, and when Ken arrived home she was surprised to see him enter the house without stopping.

“Did you see the guy sleeping on the floor?” she asked.

“No, I didn’t see anybody there,” was his reply.

Carol immediately went to the window and, sure enough, the sleeping man was right where she had last seen him. Ken would have had to walk right past him on his way inside but had seen nothing.

“I said, ‘He’s right there!’ and this time Ken saw him too,” says Carol. “So he went around the corner and on to the porch. It only took a second for him to get out there but by the time he did, the guy was gone. I never saw him again.”

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