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More Oral Magic: The 2012 Victoria Spoken Word Festival

25 Feb 2012  ·  by Brennan Storr  ·  Be the first to comment!

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No? How about some poetry then?

After a successful inaugural run last year the Victoria Spoken Word Festival is back for more in 2012 and so, apparently, am I. For the second year running I will be on-hand to comment on the festivities, bringing the magic of the Spoken Word Festival to the frail, housebound and triple-booked.

Just like last year, tickets are cheap ($5-$10) so try to make it out to one of the events at either Cafe Solstice or the Intrepid Theatre, from Thursday to Friday night. Click the first link below for scheduling information.

Post 1: The 2012 Victoria Spoken Word Festival Begins! - The philosophical barber, Fish Jesus & Floyd Jones
Post 2: Tongues of Fire Instant Slam - Meltdowns, turkey love and a bearded snake
Post 3: The Awesome Shit Showcase - Nostalgia, glitter & heartbreak. Also bodily fluids
Post 4: On the Edge, Into the Sunset - Saying goodbye with class (and a golden penis statue)

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